blue mtn.

blue mountain



Ripening coffee berries on a branch
The official seal of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

the blue mountain difference

On the steep slopes of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Range, under the cover of near-constant mist and sprouting from the rich volcanic soil underfoot, the world’s best coffee makes its start.

The high altitudes and idyllic conditions of the Blue Mountains produce a coffee berry—and eventually a coffee bean—with a higher density of flavor and sugar than you’ll find anywhere else in the world.

The steep hillside valleys of Jamaica's Blue Mountain range
An icon of the Blue Mountains
an exquisite coffee from a
unique micro-climate unlike
anywhere else on earth
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Stacked barrels of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee outside of a coffee shop doorA closeup of un-roasted green coffee beans
An icon that reads "green beans from the Blue Mountain"

the iconic wooden barrel

All Blue Mountain Coffee goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure each and every export contains only the highest quality green coffee beans.

This dedication to quality is symbolized by the unique wooden barrels that Blue Mountain Coffee is transported in, making it the only coffee in the world that isn’t shipped in burlap sacks.

shop coffee

Introduce your customers to a new coffee region with Likkle Cup Premium Blue Mountain Beans. Our exquisite coffee—with a delicate floral sweetness & rich, nutty aftertaste—makes the perfect centerpiece of any café menu.

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