a likkle bit about us

Likkle Cup is the brainchild of a Jamaican-American Brooklynite who simply wanted to drink more Jamaican coffee. After all, it’s truly the best in the world.

We’re bringing the unparalleled
taste of Jamaica Blue Mountain
Coffee to Brooklyn & beyond.
Four young men sit on the grass at the top of a mountain overlooking the Jamaican Blue Mountain range.
From Left: Andre, Greg, Iamiah, & Jordan overlooking the Blue Mountains from the top of Spring Bank in Portland Parish, Jamaica.
Two enormous cruise ships sit in the bay at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, dwarfing the onshore buildings.
greg speaking:
Between 1970 and 1980 my mother worked as a waitress in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, serving Blue Mountain Coffee to cruise-ship tourists and drinking it herself on the weekends.

She met my father—a chef at the same resort hotel—and started visiting the family home at the top of Spring Bank Hill in Portland Parish.
left: Cruise Ships in the bay in Ocho Rios
Every weekend, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee for breakfast. Drinking it black was a specific choice—it was the natural way, and you got the best taste.
— Barbarita “June” Burke, AKA mummy
With magnificent views of the misty Blue Mountains and the snaking Rio Grande, the home at Spring Bank was an ideal base from which to explore the ridge-line paths in and around the Blue Mountains.

From a young age I developed a deep appreciation for the unique beauty of the mountain range, and a little bit later, its world-famous coffee.
right: Our family overlooking the Rio Grande
A family of 7 pose for a photo with the Rio Grande snaking away into the distance behind them
did you know?
“Likkle” is Jamaican Patois for “little”.
Jamaican Patois (pronounced pat-wah) is the primary language spoken in Jamaica.
A closeup of 7 ripened bright-red Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee berries in a man's open palm.
Nowadays—living in Brooklyn—Blue Mountain coffee can be hard to find.

Despite the deep rooted coffee culture and strong appreciation for single origin beans in New York, Jamaican Coffee is missing from the picture.
left: Ripened Blue Mountain Coffee berries
did you know?
80% of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is exported to Japan, where the coffee is so popular that it’s been given an official day on the national calendar (January 9th).
Our goal is to expand the horizons of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee—to bring it to Brooklyn & beyond—so that coffee lovers everywhere can taste the exquisite flavor of Jamaica’s coffee.

We’re sharing the vast beauty, culture, and flavors of the Blue Mountain range, one likkle cup at a time.
below: A family hike near the Spring Bank home
Palm trees blowing in the wind
A family hikes on a dirt path in the lush surroundings of the Blue Mountains
A family of four poses for a photo on a blue-sky day with a small blue house and heavy vegetation behind them

want to be part of the story?

Achieveing our goal is going to take partners like you, interested in brewing our unique coffee and introducing it to customers.

If you’d like to participate, please choose from one of the options below: