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What does Blue Mountain Coffee taste like?

Blue Mountain Coffee is renowned for its deep, striking aroma and flavor notes of hazelnut and chocolate. It has a smooth body and very low acidity. lists their blind assessment as follows:
Sweet-toned, soft, very delicate aroma with orange, floral and pungently buttery (butterscotch?) notes. In the cup light to medium bodied but silky in mouthfeel, with a gently bittersweet character and crisp chocolate and orange peel notes. As the cup cools an attractive mint-like note also emerges. The chocolate and orange notes linger impressively in the long, clean finish.

What coffee variety is Likkle Cup Blue Mountain Coffee?

Arabica Typica

What bean variety are Likkle Cup Blue Mountain beans?

We carry all varieties of Blue Mountain beans: Geisha, 19mm, No.1, No.2, & Peaberry. The barrels available for purchase online are of Blue Mountain No.1 variety, but please contact us if you are interested in any of the others.

Do you sell any other coffee besides Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?

All our coffee is 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. We believe passionately in the unique quality of this Jamaican export and we're committed to making it more accessible to coffee drinkers in Brooklyn and beyond.

Do you sell roasted coffee?

Yes! Currently only green coffee beans by the barrel are available on our online store, but there are a couple different ways to get your hands on our specialty Likkle Cup Roasts:

We sell roasted-on-demand Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with delivery within New York. To inquire about this service, please contact us.

We also sell small bags of roasted Likkle Cup beans at our Likkle Cup Pop-Ups. Swing by for a bag and a fresh cup of brew!

And finally, remember to stay tuned to our Instagram for new product announcements coming down the line.

How can I sample a cup of Likkle Cup Coffee?

There are three different ways to try Likkle Cup. You can check them all out here.

Do you ship coffee internationally?

Yes! For international orders, please contact us.

I'm confused about the difference between "Blue Mountain Coffee" and "Likkle Cup". Are they the same brand?

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is a trademarked designation protected by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA). In order to use the designation of "Blue Mountain Coffee", the beans in question have to be grown in a specific region of Jamaica, in the Blue Mountain Range, between 1,800 and 5,500 ft. of elevation.

JACRA also maintains strict quality requirements for all Blue Mountain beans at every stage of the growing, harvesting, sorting, cupping, and packaging stages of production.

Likkle Cup is the name of our brand, and we are certified by JACRA as an importer of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

What does "likkle" mean?

"Likkle" is Jamaican Patois for "little". Jamaican Patois (pronounced pat-wah) is the primary language spoken in Jamaica.

What farm do Likkle Cup's beans come from?

Our coffee is grown in Penlyne Castle Coffee Farm Legacy Estate, a micro-plot farm in a small rural town in St. Thomas Parish, Jamaica. Picture lush vegetation and jaw-dropping views of the Blue Mountains, with Arabica trees growing in abundance on the steep slopes.

Why does your coffee come in wooden barrels?

The classic wooden barrels are an iconic marker of Blue Mountain Coffee and its unique qualities. The wood also helps keep the coffee beans at ideal humidity levels throughout storage and transport.

Many of our distributors choose to display these barrels prominently in their shops or restaurants, as anyone familiar with Blue Mountain Coffee will recognize them as a marker of exceptional single-origin coffee.

Are the Blue Mountains really blue?

The Blue Mountain Range dominates the eastern third of Jamaica and is shrouded in near-constant mists, giving the peaks a beautiful bluish hue.

How can I become a Likkle Cup distributor?

It's easy! You can either go straight to the source and purchase a barrel of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans on our Shop Coffee page, or you can drop us a line if you'd prefer to talk out the details first.

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