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Introduce your customers to a new coffee region with Likkle Cup Premium Blue Mountain Beans.
Our exquisite coffee—with a delicate floral sweetness & rich, nutty aftertaste—makes the perfect centerpiece of any café menu.

30kg barrel
$ 5,100.00 
Bean variety: Blue Mountain No. 1
All Likkle Cup barrels come packed with 100% Blue Mountain green beans sealed inside hermetic GrainPro bags. Free ground shipping within the contiguous United States.
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Blue Mountain Coffee — the
most delicious in the world.
— James Bond, in Ian Flemming’s Live & Let Die
Floral Sweetness
flavor notes
Deep, striking aroma
Rich, velvety body
Very low acidity
The official seal of Jamaica Blue Mountain CoffeeThe official seal of the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority, otherwise known as JacraAn icon of the Jamaican flag with the words "Likkle Cup Coffee" around it in a circle.
We’re certified as a foreign importer by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) and fully licensed to bring this exquisite coffee to market in the US.
What this means for you is peace of mind that all our coffee has passed JACRA’s stringent quality requirements at every step of the growing, harvesting, sorting, cupping, and packaging stages of production.
Jamaican workers sorting green coffee beans into blue trays on a large, clean, wooden table.

for example...

In compliance with JACRA, all our Blue Mountain beans are hand-sorted to eliminate defects and present a uniformity of bean-size and color in every barrel.

JACRA also roasts a sample of beans from every batch of Blue Mountain Coffee before export.

These roasts are tested and retested for quality and balance-of-flavor by a small team of experts in a process known as cupping.

A Jamaican man bends down to a cup of coffee to smell the aroma as he stirs the coffee with a spoon

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15kg barrel
$ 3,100.00 
30kg barrel
$ 5,100.00 
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